Whether you have a repeat print job and are looking to reduce your costs or have a new project needing design and layout The Press Group can help you out. We offer in-house typesetting and graphic design work, high and low resolution scans, and direct to film or plate output from disk using MAC or PC platforms. All design and proofing can be handled electronically so you do not have to be hindered by residing in a locale with few print options or in a larger city experiencing a seller’s market.
As a Print Broker The Press Group acts as the customer when placing the work at a partnered printer, ensuring the best possible price. Businesses are starting to become more aware that the role of the Print Broker is to serve their customers. The Press Group is not tied to one printer. Many companies realize that the key is to buy “SMARTER.” This is particularly true of smaller clients who don’t have the staff to search for the most economical method to meet their print needs. The flexibility of a Print Broker is a considerable asset.
(1) Print Brokering
The Press Group offers a comprehensive and turnkey print brokering service. If you have a print job that needs attention, leave it to us to approach the appropriate printers, gather quotes, and arrange for the printing to be done. We have access to broker pricing at a large number of printers both in the states and overseas, ensuring the best price for your job.
We are experienced in handling all of your print needs from standard business printing such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes to more complex projects such as corporate brochures, magazines and hard-bound books.
(2) Production Design
With over twenty years in the printing and publishing industries The Press Group can provide the design skills necessary to produce your print projects, without the costs associated with traditional design firms.
By focusing solely on the design rather than covering the overhead required of a large agency or the high costs of maintaining presses we can cut your layout and design costs without sacrificing quality. Check out our client testimonials to get a feel for how we have helped real companies save money while improving the quality of their print projects.
(3) Publishing
Whether you are a first time author wanting to publish your first book or a large corporation looking to produce a glossy in-house magazine or high-end coffee-table publication, The Press Group can handle coordinating the creative and design elements, along with providing the necessary  production expertise in selecting the right printer.
With the number of options available to the consumer regarding paper types, necessary bindery requirements, best publication size for savings on press, knowing the industry can result in dramatic cost savings in producing your book or magazine.
(4) Why Use a Print Broker?
When a Print Broker is buying components of a print job on behalf of a client, the broker will take the job to the printer who will provide the best quality and the best price. Often that means circumventing the commercial printer and going directly to a Trade Printer. Commercial printers often have high overheads while Trade Printers work with lower margins.
Very often a printer may not be equipped to do every aspect of a job, such as: the film output, purchase of paper, bindery, etc. Subcontracting these components often adds markups to the final cost. The Print Broker will manage every aspect of the job for your company. We act on behalf of your company to keep margins low.
A few things to consider:
Are you aware that within a 75 mile radius in any major city there can be as may as 2,000 printers? Do you really have the time to call each one? Quotes from three different printers within blocks of each other can differ as much as 15 to 35%. The Press Group has partnered up with printers from every niche of the industry and knows the best places to get the print services to accommodate your needs. We are in the business of saving you money on all your printing requirements.