Donnie Jones founded The Press Group in 2004 after spending over ten years in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area overseeing publication print design and production for several national publishers. Initially hired as a Production Manager he was able to leverage his years of experience in the printing industry, eventually serving as both Production Director and Vice President of Production. Through the years he would continually run across client companies who were looking to upgrade their print collateral but who wanted to avoid the costs associated with a traditional ad agency or the design services associated with printers who had no interest in keeping down costs. What was needed was a company who could, with the requirements of the print customer in mind, handle the layout and proofing of the work as well as the printing of the job.

Donnie has been involved in the printing and publishing industries for over thirty years. A third generation printer, he grew up in a family owned and operated printing and newspaper business where the opportunity was presented to observe and participate in the complete evolution of print, from handset type, to coldset type, to the onset of Desktop Publishing in the late 80’s. He has a hands on knowledge of all printing processes from sheetfed to web printing. In addition The Press Group can transition many of your current company print products to an online medium, including providing commercial website design.